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The day has come. My journey to Mysore. A pilgrimage to the land of Ashtanga. My first grown up trip. Kept my cool as the plane touched down in Bangalore Airport. Trying not to think about what if I can’t find my driver..what if I get lost, get deserted in the middle of the road..get trampled by a million Indians…
The airport is surprisingly ‘clean’ and simple. Just one conveyor belt. Got luggage. Pushed my way out into the crowd of people holding cards with names. Couldn’t find my name till one little Indian man came and asked if I was Tanya..had missed the sign spelt Thanya…how very Indian I suddenly sound. Traffic was chaotic. Everywhere cars were packed bum to bum..honking away. No one was moving. Still managed to get into my rented car. Very decent. Off we went. Halfway through the journey, Indian man pulled out some dvd and asked if I wanted to watch English movie. The fog. Wow. I got more than I bargained for. He said it’s the first in mysore. The cars seem to make up their own rules. As we zipped through the dust filled road..oncoming traffic roared headlong and we almost seem to have just missed them by an inch. I guess I am really in India. Dark streets turn into small lit towns and continued on. Trip to mysore took about just over three hours. So here I am. In Saketh. A nice clean boarding house. The watchman Mr Nagaraj was there to show me to my room. Long room with a few beds. I get the whole room to myself. In the dark of the night, a neighbouring black cow is mooing away. Very loudly. Dogs barking away. I hope I can get some sleep. Will find my way around Mysore in the morning and register at the shala. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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